A sure thing

What’s a “sure thing”?

This week in Israel, beaches are open, swimming pools and restaurants, life seems normal. Summer is upon us and plans are being made. But just like that,  in one day, 100 students were infected in a Jerusalem school.  Subsequently, dozens of schools were closed, and thousands of students and faculty were quarantined.

Is this the “Second Wave” we had been warned about? Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to the nation much like he did in the early days of the virus, urging all citizens to wear masks in public, observe the 2-meter distance rule, and be diligent. He remarked that enforcement will be increased and the government will work WITH businesses that adhere to the rules, but will work AGAINST businesses that don’t.  

Some people have become lax. They think Corona is “gone.” They are tired of hiding indoors and covering their face with a mask. Enough already, they think. Let’s get back to normal.

But this will not end well if we are careless.

Suffice it to say, there are no sure things anymore. Just yesterday, I was contemplating the swim season, and stopped by the pool to check the water; my normal summer thoughts started running through my head: “who will sign up for my Junior Lifeguard course? and “when should order t-shirts”  But, with this 2nd wave, who knows what will be. 

There are no sure things anymore.

one of our first responders with the sign in front of Ma’arah ha’Machpelah, Cave of the Patriarchs

This week, we launched our summer campaign focusing on the dangerous occurrence that happens every summer –  infant death by heat stroke, or  “don’t leave your baby in the car.” (see sign above)

We have over 100 communities involved, posting signs outside yishuv entrances, with additional signs throughout the inside. We will be offering safety tips in our summer newsletter, and posting short videos online (YouTube and Facebook) 

Stay tuned…and check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/RescuersWithoutBordersIsrael/

Remember to donate, please click here: https://hatzalah.org.il/donate/

“Whoever Saves One Life Saves an Entire World”

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