About Rescuers Without Borders

Rescuers Without Borders aka Yekirei Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron is an Israeli volunteer organization, with a network of over 1,600 medics, paramedics, and doctors, who are committed to saving lives. 

How It All Began?

Rescuers Without Borders was established at the beginning of the second Intifada, in the year 2000. Brutal fatal terror events were taking place in Israel during this time. One particular event, carried out by a terrorist near Kiryat Arba involved two female teachers on their way back home from work. They were shot to death.

Aryeh Levi the founder of the organization who was very close to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu z”l was in the rabbi’s office at the time the two doctors arrived back from the murder scene. He heard them tell Rabbi Eliyahu that if they’d had the proper medical equipment, they could have saved the lives of the two teachers.

The rabbi was stunned and he approached Aryeh with the question: Is there not any rescue organization in Yehuda and Shomron? When the answer was negative, the rabbi instructed Aryeh to establish one. He specifically told him to create an organization of first responders to save lives in the area of Yehuda and Shomron.

With the rabbi’s blessing, Aryeh Levi took upon himself the task of establishing Rescuers without Borders. Together with security officer Raanan Amran and Yitzhak Boanish z”l. Together they strategized how to put together the infrastructure and foundation to launch Rescuers Without Borders Israel. Until year 2000 no first responders infrastructure existed in Judea and Samaria.

Who We Are

Rescuers Without Borders Chairman – Hanan Malka.
Rescuers Without Borders Vice Chairman and Founder – Aryeh Levy
Additionally, Director of Urgent First Responders, Spokespeople, Fundraisers and a Board of Directors.

Rescuers Without Borders has established advanced simulation training techniques for emergency medical responders, and we have been running live sessions for the past year. 

These simulation training sessions are extremely realistic and they help the medical personnel practice and improve the speed and quality of caring for the injured.

More than 700 simulation drills have been taking place in cooperation with medical teams from around the world.

Rescuers Without Borders continues to also work in cooperation with IDF, Magen David Adom and the Israeli police.

We train medical teams not only in Israel but all around the world. More than 6000 people have been trained by our organization and today Rescuers and Without and Borders has medical teams in 14 countries in the world.

  • 1600 Volunteers
  • 1320 Armored Medic Vests
  • 15 Refurbishment of Ambulances
  • 25 Emergency Scooter
  • 10 Electronic mini ambulance
  • 7 ATV

Our New Name

Rescuers Without Borders was established in the year 2000 with a name Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron because most of its activities at the beginning were concentrated in that area of Israel. With the passing years, and largely because of support from many of you, we expanded the areas in which we provide our service; we established medical teams that serve not only they the areas of Yehuda and Shomron. 

We established medical teams that serve beyond Yehuda and Shomron.

Volunteers in Israel
Volunteers Worldwide
Calls Per Day
Security Projects

During the second intifada, the residents of Yehuda and Shomron found themselves under a horrific wave of terror attacks, with a drastic shortage of local emergency response teams. In response, Rescuers Without Borders was founded in 2000, saving thousands of lives.

Today, Rescuers Without Borders is an organization of over 1,000 volunteer medics, paramedics, and doctors, who have dedicated their every moment to be on call, ready to save lives. Additionally, our trained medics go on international missions to do humanitarian work, and have become known as the first response team to natural disasters around the world.

Thanks to your support, we have expanded our network!  We are now able to reach further regions in Israel, and provide international humanitarian aid. 

Along with recent growth, we have joined forces with our international counterpart Sauveteurs Sans Frontieres (SSF), and changed our name to represent the expansion. Hatzalah Yehuda vShomron is now Rescuers Without Borders.  Same organization, new name, greater impact!