Back to Routine after Sukkoth… But What Routine??

Sukkot is over. Today is when normally, we would get back to routine. But nothing is normal anymore. Here, like the rest of the world,  routine has changed because of the Corona pandemic. Our children won’t go back to school until Dec. 27 – after Chanukah!  Buses operating on a reduced schedule, with only 50% capacity. No trains are running. No restaurants. Only certain businesses are operating.

What to do? Use this time. Manage and adjust. That’s what we are doing, just like the rest of Israel. Like the rest of the civilized world.

Just now I finished my evening walk with the dog. People are busy dismantling their sukkahs. That’s one thing that is pretty routine. Our holidays. Thank goodness for them! They keep us in line, and remind us of what’s important. Family and haShem, the Jewish holidays and being together.

Getting a dog was a smart move.  Every morning HE takes ME out for a long walk. Early. This morning we went out at 5:30 while it was still dark. The stars were out and the moon was shining. The air was cool and damp; it smelled of fresh plants and honeysuckle. We heard the roosters crowing and the donkeys braying. Every time we dipped down an incline, the air got colder – like in the Big Balloon Race, a book I used to read to the kids about a woman aeronaut who pilots a hot air balloon, and in one race,  discovers that her little daughter had fallen asleep inside the basket. The lady explains how they are going to win, by hitting the airstream. I think that happens when I’m going down an incline. Chilled air. It’s remarkable.

On our walks I can’t help but notice the different additions being built on the various houses, and the gardens – all much nicer than ours. This raises a bit of jealously within me….for better or for worse. I’m only human! We have so many improvements to make on our own house and our yard.  My husband and I argue about these things constantly. Am I demanding? Am I unreasonable? Would it be better if I didn’t see progress and beautiful gardens?

Jealousy is a bad characteristic. I know that. It’s a trait I am working on….

Being out in the early morning fields with nature is a wonderful way to start the day and in general, a good way to live every day.  It allows me to think, and clear my mind. No phone (I leave it at home); no computer. Just me, the dog, and the fields. Maybe haShem is trying to tell me something. “Slow down” and “Listen more.”

Funny, because I am not really a morning person, a dog person, or a runner.  But look at me now…… Maybe I shouldn’t be jealous of anyone else. We all have our own green grass.

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