Building up Our Land

This past week we have been busy. We dedicated a Security Room in Alei Zahav in the Southern Shomron, we installed emergency equipment in Ir David in the Old City of Jerusalem, we dedicated a Library in Kerem Re’im in Binyamin, and we conducted a sophisticated training exercise at the Abu Dis checkpoint, where terror incidents are frequent.

While all these events were significant, none can compare to what happens day in and day out in these parts of Israel.

On the ride home from Kerem Re’im where the library was dedicated, the medic driving us took 3 calls for help. And he responded to a call while we were at the ceremony. That means 4 calls within 2 hours. Three of those calls was within a span of 30 minutes. Being a paramedic, he is in demand. There simply aren’t that many who volunteer. In Kiryat Sefer a town of 80,000 there are two paramedics on call. No emergency station. Ambulances are parked at the home of the ambulance drivers. This is our life. We don’t notice these things until something happens.

One question I often get from people, when they come out for a day with me, is “is it safe?”

Well, honestly, is anything safe today?

We are in Israel. This is the Jewish homeland. Have some faith! We walk tall here and we are not alone.

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Rescuers Without Borders is an Israeli volunteer organization, with a network of over 1,600 medics, paramedics, and doctors, who are committed to saving lives.