The “Wish” Ambulance

אמבולנס המשאלות

The “Wish” Ambulance is for those suffering from a terminal illness, or individuals who are not independently mobile. This special ambulance, combined with a special visit, is really an opportunity to fulfill the patient’s “last wish.”

How does it work? Every “Wish Ambulance” trip is coordinated in advance, very carefully with the patient’s attending physician, adapted to the patient’s needs, and of course, accompanied by properly qualified medical staff. The management and staff of the visitations site is included in this planning as well.

The patient is transported to the requested site in this “wish ambulance” equipped with technologically advance medical systems and adapted to the patient’s individual needs. Included is a high-mobility wheelchair; a camera installed on the top of the ambulance, that allows the patient to see the surroundings along the way; a medication refrigerator; resuscitation equipment and a specially designed bed. Added can be a special wheelchair for going over sand, mobile bed for water, and more.

The anticipation and preparation for the event are an opportunity for patients to find a new sense of meaning. It gives them something special to look forward to.

There is no better gift
At the moment, there is only ONE such ambulance in all of Israel, with a six-month wait.

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