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Natalie Sopinsky

Natalie Sopinsky

Natalie Sopinsky, a Delaware native, was raised in an all-American Conservative Jewish family. Today she is a pistol-wearing hitch-hiking settler living in the Hebron Hills. A lawyer, lifeguard, and Zumba instructor, the mother of five children, and wife to native Philadalphian, Natalie represents the 150 communities in Judea and Samaria as Director of Development for Rescuers Without Borders, the main US charity for emergency medical needs in the Jewish heartland.

Visit Natalie Sopinsky’s website: https://nataliesopinsky.com/

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From Delaware to Sussya

How an all-American girl from Delaware ended up battling with illegal Arab settlement in Israel.

Rescue Under Fire

Life-saving stories from rescuers in Israel’s most challenging terrain.

Coming Home to Build

A lawyer from Delaware finds herself developing ancient Jewish land, and shares how you can too.

“Natalie is a dynamic speaker who engages her audience. Her presentation was informative and compelling. We all learned so much from her talk.”

Alex Shraga, New Brunswick, NJ

 “Natalie is one of the hidden heroes of Israel. Her commitment to Judea and Samaria and its people will amaze you. She cares, she gets it, and, in her professional and community work wearing many hats, she accomplishes more in one week than most people accomplish all year. The woman is on a mission!”

Sheryl Giffis, Los Angeles, CA, and Jerusalem

“Natalie is one-of-a-kind….she really opened our eyes to life in Yehuda and Shomron. We learned so much from her talk. Rescuers Without Borders is fortunate to have such a wonderful representative” 

Alan and Marlene Zavodnick, Boynton Beach, FL 

“Natalie Sopinsky is a wonderful voice for Rescuers Without Borders. I learned so much about life in Yehuda and Shomron from her informative, inspiring and passionate speaking engagement”.

Cindy Lewin, Miami, FL

“In this crazy ‘me first’ world, Natalie Sopinsky and her fantastic family are truly a breath of fresh air. Thank G-D, the amazing families of Yehuda and Shomron have this Wonderful Tzadeikis looking out for their well being. Yasherkoach Natalie.”

Jeff Kelman, New Rochelle, NY