Good Friends

Challah surprise


This week has been tough. My son crashed the car into a horse, so we are without a car. My son is ok, and that’s the important thing. But it was scary. Our washing machine broke, and the fix-it man broke something while fixing it, so we are still without a machine. Our kitchen has been removed to prepare for a new one, so we are without a kitchen.  But….we have good friends. And that makes everything better.

When we are in a difficult situation in life, sometimes it is hard to see the good we do have. But we must, because there is always good.

This morning, knowing I had no kitchen, and that I was having a difficult week,  my friend Chava surprised me at the pool with fresh challah. See the photo above. She even decorated the tray with candies.  I was very moved.

Sometimes good friends really save us. I have made good friends here, and when I have problems, I do turn to them to listen. For advice. To vent. To scream. And it helps, it really does.


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