International Team on Ground During Hurricane Irma

In 2014, our international counterpart, SSF, along with Israeli medical volunteers, established a medical aid and emergency relief station in Guadeloupe. We have been proud to have helping hands on the ground since 2014, but today, we see the dire importance of our Guadeloupe team.

Hurricane Irma
We have already sent out 1 ton of emergency relief supplies (food, water, equipment) to the people in Saint Martin. This week, all transportation to the island was haulted with the oncoming storm. Yesterday, passages have re-opened and our volunteers on the ground have already finished packing 4 more tons of emergency aid.

Our Volunteers
Our international team, Sauveteurs Sans Frontieres, consists of doctors, nurses, medics, and volunteers from the United States, France, Guadeloupe, and Saint Martin. We are proud to have such brave men and women on our team.

Guadeloupe is just one of our 14 different emergency aid stations across the globe.

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