Emergency Medical Response

First to Save

Past and present experience has taught us that saving lives depends on an immediate response to emergencies. That’s why the first five minutes are called the “Golden Five Minutes.” Rescuers Without Borders is always the first to arrive in a medical emergency. This is a fact, that has proven itself time and time again, and has given our organization a reputation for excellence.

Our Mission

The Mission of Rescuers Without Borders is to provide an immediate response in an emergency. The government rescue forces, the police and fire brigade that take charge of an incident are cumbersome and the lag time is critical. It can mean the difference between life and death. 

Our goal is to deploy the maximum number of medical personnel who will rush to the emergency site as quickly as possible, and provide initial care to the wounded. The role of Rescuers Without Borders is to perform emergency medical tasks, however complex, under the circumstances, and to direct and absorb the aid forces that arrive later.

The Goal - Operational Efficiency

Rescuers Without Borders’ volunteers undergo professional training by leading medical personnel and by advanced simulation programs in order to improve performance and respond well in an emergency.

In addition to this training, each volunteer is equipped with one of the most advanced communication device in the world. 

All the emergency centers are connected to these waves and these provide for the current events and the launch of rescue forces to the scene. The volunteer has a medical kit equipped with advanced medical equipment and supplies, one that provides a solution to any emergency event that takes place. Our volunteers are the first to be and save lives in emergencies.

Training for Emergency Events

The organization is constantly working on improving the skills of the volunteers. We conduct large training exercises in cooperation with the governmental first response units. These exercises provide our volunteers with the opportunity to constantly compete with their recent
achievements especially in the realm of speed in which they respond.

Unfortunately in the southern areas of Israel, threats and terror attacks can happen without warning, and our volunteers are trained to be on call day and night.

Emergency Events Under Fire

Rescuers Without Borders was established at the beginning of the Second Intafada. Therefore, the organization is extremely experienced and ready to give first medical response under fire and in places that are high-risk. This is the reason the organization makes sure all the volunteer
medics are always equipped with bullet-proof vests. 

The volunteers of the organization risk their lives in order to save other lives. The infrastructure of Rescuers Without Borders all around the country, require from the volunteers to arrive and enter the riskiest areas of Israel, around the borders. Our volunteers are the bravest first responders we can ever ask for. 

The organization has the capabilities of contributing and helping the rest of the government authorities manage emergencies in these areas of conflict.

Your donations allow us to equip our volunteers with protective gear and medical equipment for saving lives.