International Missions

Rescue around the world

Rescuers Without Borders is known around the world because of our activities of giving medical assistance to areas prone to natural disasters. We have taken the initiative in starting a special project:

International Missions

training, teaching and guiding local first responders, giving them continuing education, and equipping them with all the medical equipment they need so that they are ready and prepared to be first responders for any disaster event as well as routine medical emergencies.

We are able to do this around the world because of your support.

First to Lead and to Save Lives

Rescuers Without Borders work intensively to build strategic medical infrastructure around the world. 

The infrastructure is built with local teams that were trained by Rescuers Without Borders. These teams went through intensive professional training to give live saving solutions for emergency events.

The goal is to be the fastest first responders to the place in which the natural disaster occurs and to immediately begin the massive medical treatment that includes establishing a temporary field hospital to answer the needs of the local injured.

After establishing the temporary emergency clinic by the volunteers, the israeli delegation that includes doctors and paramedics connects with the local team. The medical crew updates the israeli delegation with all of the information that pertains to the disaster and the israeli delegation assumes the leadership of the rescue and medical operation.

Creating Teams

The creation of teams around the world usually takes place by the locals. The representatives of Rescuers Without Borders contacts initially the local medics which organize a team to train people in first aid.

The local volunteers receive professional training and an intensive course. At the end of the training, the teams are equipped with innovative medical equipment and with sophisticated communication devices that are suitable for the area.

Because of the activities of the organization in recent years around the world, the organization won the President award for the light that it brings on behalf of the state of Israel to places and populations that desperately needed help.

We are Everywhere Because of Your Support

Rescuers Without Borders is constantly active days and nights to save lives all around the world. Your support saves lives and contributes to the expansion of the organization, to recruit and train volunteers in Israel and the rest of the world, and to the expansion of the medical equipment. Your contribution saves lives.