Volunteers Around The World

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Rescuers Without Borders strives to be a “light unto the nations” and two elevate the image of Israel in the eyes of the world.

Volunteers Around The World

Volunteers Around The World

At the end of 2004, we at Rescuers Without Borders received monumental added value to our mission. The tsunami occurred on the shores of the Indian Ocean, affecting several countries including Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Myanmar and more. This was the second largest disaster in modern times and it’s impact was devastating. It cost the lives of over 280,000 people and wounded many additional thousands.

Rescuers Without Borders sent a team to the affected areas upon the request of Rabbi Mordechai Eliayahu z”l. We were among the first crews to arrive and we helped save many lives. We made a tremendous contribution by reaching out and helping this international disaster. 

A Light Unto the Nations

Rescuers Without Borders is committed to help any men a woman wherever they might be, regardless of their race, nationality or religion.

Rescuers Without Borders strives to be a “light unto the nations” and two elevate the image of Israel in the eyes of the world.

During these days, Israel is struggling against terror attacks and anti-Semitic organizations that are influencing public opinion of many individuals and groups around the world.

We at Rescuers Without Borders continue to help save lives everywhere in the world where disasters occur and immediate medical care is needed. These efforts – our continued volunteering – influences global public opinion about Israel. 

Because of these efforts, Rescuers without Borders Israel has gained much appreciation and admiration of people around the world.

Several times, our volunteers and first responders arrived to disaster areas first, while additional teams from elsewhere arrived days later. Our quick action and our ability to travel freely, without government intervention or delay, allows us to always be first and fast. When a disaster occurs, fast response is key. It can mean the difference between life and death. We see this first hand over and over. 

Rescuers Without Borders has trained teams around the world post-disaster, and today, our teams are positioned in 14 different countries around the world. They are ready to jump in and help save lives in the most expedient way.

The main duty of these teams is to be ready and prepared to react immediately to any urgent event, while working in partnership with the local authorities. 

Rescuers Without Borders ensures that the first responders around the world constantly continue to be trained and fully equipped with the most innovative and advanced medical and communication devices.