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Basic Ambulance israeli

Ambulance for Eshkolot Campaign

We have recently experienced in Eshkolot, on our roads and neighboring towns several severe incidents including resuscitations, fatal car accidents and other medical emergencies where we sat, lacking the crucial advanced equipment and the ability to reach a hospital, while many long minutes went by before an ambulance arrived on scene

We- the local medical volunteer team- have therefore decided to raise funds for the cause of saving lives.

How can you help?

Any contribution -of any amount- will bring us one step closer to our goal of purchasing an ambulance and advanced resuscitation and monitoring  equipment  so that we can save the life of one more grandmother, grandfather, mother, father , daughter or neighbor.

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Our Loved Ones

Our project “Our Loved Ones” is a social assistance program which supports Holocaust survivors living in precariousness and isolation in Israel. Very recently, the association facilitated the evacuation from Ukraine of 23 Holocaust survivors and their arrival in Israel, in a difficult context. We want to include these vulnerable people in this program and we are committed to covering part of their basic expenses (food, housing).

This program is based on the investment of young volunteers, mostly students, who bring time, listening and human warmth to the beneficiaries, while maintaining a social bond.

These young students receive a scholarship to help them pay for their studies.

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therapy with a horse for a soldier with ptsd

Soldiers’ Therapy House – Kibbutz Urim

Soldiers suffering from PTSD need intensive care at a mental hospital. Unfortunately, there is currently no organization that focuses on treating PTSD patients in Israel, especially combat-caused PTSD for active soldiers and those that were hurt while serving.
Most of the soldiers suffering from PTSD are assisted (personally and financially) by their fellow soldiers on active duty, or reserve soldiers. There is no governmental organization or private enterprise supporting soldiers with PTSD trauma. This situation is unsustainable and we aim to change it.
The Israeli Department of Health has provided us with a perfect plan to assist these soldiers. We now are looking for financial support to make it a reality.

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חוות סוסים טיפולית

Zootherapy farm

Many children are struggling with PTSD in the south of Israel. Rescuers Without Borders has created a farm to help them with zootherapy. Hundreds of children have been able to benefit from this therapy and have thus overcome their PTSD.

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פרויקט רפואה ימית

Sea rescue

The Sea of Galilee, known locally as the Kinneret, is the only fresh-water lake in all of Israel. Every summer, the entire Israeli population descends on it’s shores. And sadly, there are drownings and near-drownings every summer. For that reason, we have created a Maritime Search and Rescue Unit, that can be activated to work on a 24/7 basis, complete with advanced equipment, to assist maritime rescue missions.

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הקמת חפק חירום

Emergency unit

We decided to set up a mobile emergency unit when we realized that we often have to work in the field when there is a fire, a search and rescue mission, so forth. The mobile emergency unit can be used as a command center for our field operations while cooperating with other emergency teams.

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Projects we are working on

These are the projects we are working on in the organization ‘Rescuers Without Borders‘. You can read about them in detail and also help us continue with the work by a generous donation from you.