Paramedic course

Benjamin Franklin once said…. “Time is Money; “ In the EMS world…. “Time is Life”

When a person heart has a heart attack he goes through three stages:

Stage 1; Between one to three minutes if he receives a shock to the heart from a defibrillator, he will return to consciousness and even to a full recovery, possibly with no damage at all.

Stage 2; Between three to five minutes if he receives a shock to the heart, his survival chances decrease and he is likely to have permanent damage.

Stage 3; Between five to seven minutes his survival chances are very low – but it is not too late. A first responder with a defibrillator can help and even save his life, but the chances are not high. The chances of survival are much higher with a Paramedic, for a Paramedic is trained to administer medications available in the Advanced Lifesaving bag….which Paramedics have.

The Paramedic Course

We offer a complete Paramedic course, that includes the following:

Theory. Basics of Emergency Medicine, Anatomy, controlling the Airway, respiratory illness, Cardiology, Pediatric emergency, Birth and Gynecology, managing a mass casualty event and more.
Practice. The students are put in hospitals for ten weeks for 250 hours and work side by side with staff in the Emergency Rooms, operating rooms, intensive care unit and more.
MDA. The students work shifts in the intensive care units of Magen David Adom all over the country.

Then there is a final test, and those who pass receive the Paramedic certificate approved by MDA and the Ministry of Health.

Cost of the course – $15,000

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