Rock Throwing… Imagine it Happens to You

Imagine you are driving home on a seemingly peaceful night.

Maybe you are thinking about what to make for dinner, or maybe you are thinking about what you accomplished that day at work.


In the blink of an eye there is glass all over you. Rocks smash your windshield. You can barely see. Somehow you maintain control of the car, but your hands are shaking and your heart is in your throat. Boy are you shaken up.
On 29 October, Arabs threw rocks at an Israeli bus between Yakir and Rav’vah in the Jordan Valley, a quiet place with hills and beautiful desert air. Miraculously, the driver did not lose control of the bus despite minor injuries to his hands….(meaning, glass from the windshield shattered and the pieces went into his hands.) Think what that must feel like.
Thanks to the fast response of our rescuers nearby,  the driver received treatment quickly on site. After such a traumatic event, it is evident how important and necessary our organization is, and how excellent our medics are. They come quickly to provide support to all of the victims…..even in these remote desert roads. No matter where people are hurt, our medics come to provide rescue aid. We drop everything and run to help. Every day. These things occur several times a day… even while the Arab world is lining up to make peace with us . It is bizarre, but these are the facts. Here in Israel, the violence against Jews continues.  These medics – our medics –  are the best of the best.  They are doing holy work.
Thank you to our wonderful supporters. Please keep contributing…you are making a difference.

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