Rosh haShana – Appreciation

susya kids harvest grapes for a neighbor

It’s hard to believe how the High Holidays are all-of-a-sudden here, when it seems that just moments ago was summer. It is still hot. We are still obligated to wear masks in public. I guess I thought that magically, the Corona problem would disappear by chaggim time.

I was wrong.

While the world news on Israel focuses on the historic peace being made between us and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, with even more Arab countries in the future,  our lives here remain the same. Daily rock-throwing, molotov cocktails, bottle-bombs,  car-rammings and stabbings.  All in our beautiful Heartland.

And that’s why our work is so vital. Our medics never stop….they are always active and responding, on the scene every day.

Even now during this time when the grapes are being harvested. We get the alerts, telling us what is happening on the roads. But we hear something else these days. We hear, “the King is in the Field.”

God is nearby.

Living here, you can easily believe it. It is evident. It’s in the air. Before our eyes. We see the grapes ripening and the figs bursting. Thank god we are living in our homeland!


In my email this morning was a message from a friend and supporter:
“May haShem help you forget this last year and make the new one so much better!”

I think we each need to take stock of our blessings….both the good and what seems to us, the bad.

Forgetting isn’t what we need to do. We need to learn – just like we learn from every challenge in life. And move forward as best we can.

Look around you, thank our Creator for the lives we all lead, and the love around us.   And keep your sights on us in Israel. Shana Tova!

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