The Nine Days

This week, began the 9 Days.  This is known to be a “dangerous” time for Jews no matter where they are. Here in Israel, and in a religious community, it is very clear. The pool is closed. Nobody listens to music. No parties. No meat. No wine. No weddings. No movies on the grass.

2000 years ago, the Jewish people were so divided during this time, the Romans defeated us and set fire to Jerusalem. And ever since, the 9th of Av has been the saddest day of the Jewish year. We fast. We mourn. We weep.

So leading up to the 9th of Av we are careful. And we take it easy, and don’t take chances.

This morning, I had a meeting set in the Tel-Aviv area. This is far for me….it’s a 2-hour drive. I planned in advance, and the kids were coming with me, to go to the beach afterwards. We are far from any beach in Susya. On my way, I got a message that the meeting was cancelled. One of our team members had an accident and was on his way to the hospital. I cancelled the meeting. But was already on my way, and didn’t want to disappoint my kids.

What to do?

They said “let’s go anyway” but my inner voice, aware of the Nine Days said “beware…do not take chances.” I said to my children “this is a sign – we will not go. Let’s stop by a park and eat our breakfast, and then go home.” We had packed up food in a lunchbox…naturally.

drinking coffee in a park in Metar

They made fun of me for being superstitious, but went along with my decision. They too know about this “dangerous” time.

I don’t think anything should be taken for granted, and if there is a change in plans, be aware and adjust. Everytime we are on the road, we are taking a chance. There are bad drivers, there are terrorists, there is danger in our lives. Why do we have 1,000 medics? Why do I spend my time finding support for them? Because we live with danger and risk. Everyone does. And we need first response medics.

They are the Red Cross! It is that simple.

Please support them, for supporting them is supporting Jewish life in the Heartland of Israel.


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