SSF has Ukraine-based teams of rescuers, and they have sent more teams to the border with Poland on the very first days of the war. Let us walk you through their work as it unfolded.

Medical help

In Medyka, a town on the Polish border, an SSF rescuer team has set up 2 first-aid field units, heated and operating around the clock..

This SSF Resuers without borders team that works day and night consists of 2 doctors, 2 nurses, 2 rescuers and 1 logistician. Many volunteers, including 4 firefighters from Paris, are helping SSF by taking shifts. To date, the team has treated 3500+ people, mainly women and children, who were exhausted, starving and freezing (hypothermia).

First-aid field units at the Polish border, March 2022

SSF also set up and outfitted an advanced, mobile medical unit in a 6-seat ambulance-bus, which is stationed on the Polish border for now..  Dr Pierre Catoire, an SSF doctor, supervised the setup of the field units.

Food distribution – Refugee Center

SSF has distributed food and warm clothing for the children (blankets, gloves, shoes, socks, woolen caps).

SSF set up a third, 40-meter long, 15-meter wide tent that can hold 200 people. This tent has cots, benches and play areas for the children, and it is heated. For safety reasons, this tent is for women and children only. The refugees who arrive after dark can rest in this tent, they can eat and they can stay warm while they are waiting for someone to help them. To date, 5,500 people have benefited from this Refugee Center.

SSF delivered war medications to Ukrainian hospitals

Upon the urgent request of Dr Katrin, 12 SSF rescuers managed to deliver 600 + kg of medications and medical supplies to Lviv and Odessa Kiev an zapachka during the very first days of the war. 

Click here to see Dr Katrin’s testimonial.

Later on, thanks to purchases and donations in kind that arrived from all over Europe, 42 convoys carrying 18 tons of medical supplies delivered such supplies to 6 Ukrainian hospitals (Lviv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Louhansk, Odessa and Zaporijia) and  2 gymnasiums housing Ukrainian refugees. 

Emotion of a volunteer before medications were delivered in the Ukraine

Evacuation of women and children – Medical evacuations

SSF has helped 100 women with infants or children leave the Ukraine, escape from hell.

SSF also arranged the medical evacuation out of Ukraine of 20 people, including elderly, disabled people, people with serious conditions and women in labor, and 12 olocost survivors. 

Ukrainian refugees are now over 4 million. The humanitarian situation is totally chaotic. Women and children arrive exhausted, scared, cold and hungry after a long journey on foot.

SSF is in theater to fulfill this top-priority humanitarian mission.

We need your help to keep fulfilling this mission.

We need your help to save lives in the Ukraine..

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Donate to the emergency campaign for medical teams on the border of Ukraine

Donate to the emergency campaign for medical teams on the border of Ukraine

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