Winter in Israel… Green

Winter in Israel

Winter in Israel is Green and Wet and Wonderful in it’s own way. While the rain is sporatic, it removes the dry dust from the air, and turns the brown hills green. The sheep and goats graze now on abundant grass, whereas before they had to search for the nubs.

I love this time of year, but the roads are slick and driving can be hazardous.
It’s wise to think twice before driving somewhere….but not everyone can do this. Accidents are occurring every day now…..and still the rock throwing persists, causing additional accidents. Our medics are on call, responding to each and every incident,  day and night.

We have been blessed with an abundance of new medics, and we wish to thank the Robinson Family for generously providing them with 20 new emergency rescue kits, which will be distributed throughout the areas we service specifically Jerusalem, the Old City, Alon Moreh, Eli Zahav, Bruchin, Leshem, Har Bracha, Kiryat Arba, Hevron, Nokdim, Tekoa, and Alon Shvut.

Thank you!!!

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